want to be healthier? take more vacations.

To travel means to share an experience with the unknown.

To travel to a foreign country where your native language is the unknown or somewhere with absolutely no planned itinerary is simultaneously terrifying and thrilling. While those combinations shouldn't be the sole motivator for an upcoming trip, they are a good excuse for spending PTO productively.

Utilizing time away from your hustle and bustle provides a mental, emotional, and physical recharge, aiding in the reduction of stress and fatigue, depression, and even heart disease.

While the health benefits alone should be reason enough, here are five equally as convincing reasons to book that flight to Tahiti, Rome or grandma's house.

To learn.

The culture, language, food, and overall human interaction can be shockingly different compared to home. Take the opportunity to observe and you'll be surprised how the world adventures you encounter will positively impact your life.


To define a relationship.

Not sure where the relationship will be in a few years? Take a trip together. Combine a good mixture of one-on-one time and time immersed into the surroundings. Swap your current environment for a new one and you'll have more quality time to bravely discuss where your head (and heart) are going. This also works just as well for families.

To make more money.

Bosses notice mental fatigue and lack of creativity. Take time away from the stress and simply be content with your surroundings. Improve memory, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking skills to bring more of your A-game to the table. And if your boss is the reason you aren't taking that vacation, get a new boss!

To save your own life.

Traveling, particularly in regular intervals, provides a relief for the stressed. A now famously quoted study, the Framingham Heart Study, showed women who vacationed just once every six years were eight times more likely to develop coronary artery disease or have a heart attack than women who vacationed twice a year.

To fuel your own happiness.

When you pick the destination and decide what you eat and what you do with your time, you're in charge and there shouldn't be any pressure. That's called freedom. It fuels happiness.

Go find some happiness and add a few years to your life.