why do humans run?

The benefits of running are numerous.

  • lose weight
  • prevent disease
  • relieve stress
  • fight depression
  • mindfulness

As someone that used to hate running and now does it passionately, I can verify a few things.

Running increases your heart rate and physically utilizes every part of your body. Both of these factors are directly tied to weight loss, especially if done regularly and combined with additional healthy life choices.

From diabetes to heart disease, running has been proven to reduce the risk of developing such illnesses. Plus, the mental reprieve you experience while running provides stress relief, which is also proven to reduce these same health risks.

When you're trying your best to not breathe like a gasping fish and you're so focused on pushing yourself to the next mile marker, you don't focus on anything else. You mentally check out: that is stress relief simultaneous with physical activity.

As mentioned above, you mentally check out from the "real" world while you run. Fighting depression is difficult, but it's especially difficult when you can't escape your worst enemy: yourself. When you run and you focus on your performance, you're not just silencing that enemy, you're empowering the positive you to keep it up.

Whether running passively or training for an upcoming race, the benefits of running are evident.

To pick up running, you only need a good pair of running shoes, a safe place to run and a goal.