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Four Painfully Accurate Facts About Louisville

As a Louisvillian for 10 years, I've learned a few things about Louisville that travel guides tend to leave out.

1) Pack your allergy medicine. A combination of location and weather pattern cause this region of the country to bring allergy sufferers to their knees. Don't have allergies? Be warned: You develop allergies if you stay too long since the pollen is so diverse and we're located at the bottom of a valley. No one is safe.


2) Speaking of weather, it is absolutely frustrating. Sweltering summers and bipolar winters, plus, no one possesses the ability to drive in the rain or snow. But don't ask a local to explain the weather. You'll be constantly reminded, "it's not the heat, it's the humidity!", as if we even carry a torch to Florida summers.

3) Horse racing, and subsequent betting*, is extremely fun. While the Kentucky Derby tends to be the only real name (aside from KFC) the world associates to Louisville, Churchill Downs is host to daily events for a majority of the year. One can head to the track for cheap general admission and bets that start at $0.30. *But interestingly enough, gambling is illegal in the state.


4) Louisville has an obsession with fried chicken, but do not assume it revolves around KFC. In a one mile radius, you can find more than a dozen fast food joints dedicated solely to chicken: Raising Canes, Zaxby's, Chick-fil-A, Joella's, Royals, Lee's, etc... Play a game of “Ask a Local Which Chicken is Better?” and be prepared for a hot chicken debate.

Regardless of your stance on fried chicken or weather patterns, Louisville is a thriving playground for families and singles alike. With Google Fiber moving in and severl fun neighborhoods to explore, Louisville is a must-see location in the U.S. 

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